Full Charter

Full Charter

Full Air charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft (chartering) including all flight related costs: aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance, fuel, handling & landing, ATC, flight permits and catering.

SmileAir provides air charter services to travel companies and various end users (sport teams /corporations/governments/relief agencies/celebrities)  for specific itineraries, urgent or time-sensitive operations, relief flights, incentive travel and other forms of air transportation. Charter flights can be either, single flight or series of charter flights; ad-hocs or planned in advance.

Flights are operated mostly in area of Europe, Africa and Middle East from our main base in Zagreb, Croatia.

SmileAir Air Charter solutions enable clients to fly on their preferred terms; dictating when and where to fly, while at the same time customizing services and working within their budget.

A wide range of flight enhancement options is available to customize passenger’s travel experience, including selected catering, in-flight amenities, and even branding of the aircraft!

Our team of aviation specialists, works 24/7 to plan, arrange and execute solutions to meet all your air charter requirements.