Asset Management

Asset Management

SmileAir Asset Management services are structured to assure optimized commercialization of the asset at adequate terms depending on client’s preferences.

Three major segments of our Asset Management services are available as an integrated solution or an individual service to meet client’s requirement.

Our team of experienced professionals holds comprehensive knowledge of aviation asset management and extensive network in commercial aviation community.

As a core service, Operating Aircraft Asset Management is new and innovative model of aircraft asset management offering costless bespoke solutions to owners, asset managers, financiers and investors with aircrafts between-the-leases or low green time.

Under OAM structure, the client’s aircraft is placed on SmileAir’s AOC in Croatia, EU while registered in any EASA country. Also we take full operating control of the aircraft, including cost of parking, insurance, registration, maintenance, planning, etc. During the tenure with SmileAir, the aircraft will be taken utmost care related to maintenance and commercial aspects in order to protect the value of client’s asset and to generate fair return. Whenever possible, the aircraft will be operated on ad-hoc ACMI/charter basis until long-term assignment is agreed. At the same time the aircraft can still be remarketed, and as soon as placed shall be returned to owner accordingly.

“Double Up” is Operating  Asset Management program especially developed for institutional or private Investor interested to acquire assets which will generate double source of income maximizing returns.

Our team of dedicated professionals is available to share more insights on SmileAir’s Operating Asset Management. Learn more today! 

Technical asset management is crucial in protecting value of an aircraft asset.

SmileAir offers broad spectrum of in-house Technical Asset Management Services customizable to your specific requirements while all the time in regulatory compliance.

Aircraft Re-delivery/Delivery/Pre-purchase/ Lease Inspection

Inspection of an aircraft and records is key to the value protection, it can save you millions when accepting an asset at delivery/return or during the lease. A diligent inspection including functional tests will enable our team to locate more issues protecting your position in immediate or distant future, thus rely on SmileAir’s team of experienced specialists to keep maximum value of your assets. Introduce us your case!

Ferry flight management and operations

Ferrying an aircraft from one point to another is very complex multidimensional task involving not only flying, rather logistics of flight arrangements, flight permits, fuel, landing, and if not professionally planned and executed can turn pretty costly. Our expertise in that field will ensure on-time delivery at competitive commercial conditions

Registration (Export/Import) in EASA countries preferably in Croatia or Austria

SmileAir has extensive range of solutions for aircraft owners when registration is concerned. Legal framework of each jurisdiction is different, thus very important to select right option for your specific requirement, otherwise your long term position can be hurt.

CAMO in EASA environment

Each commercial aircraft should be all the time under CAMO control or its value can vanish. SmileAir CAMO is capable to deliver best solution for your particular situation based not only on present condition of the aircraft, rather on future plans so that optimized solution can be applied.

Maintenance Program Customization

Maintenance Program development is important in cost control; in an inadequate MP millions can be wasted due to unnecessary or out of phase maintenance. Our technical team has experience, knowledge and understanding of the most complex circumstance to cope with any of MP challenges and to provide the most optimal solutions.

Maintenance Contract Negotiations

Expertise in airframe and engine maintenance is key during contract negotiations. The tiniest detail can result in hefty extra costs for maintenance, thus rely on our expertise during Maintenance negotiations and keep maintenance cost at minimum.

EASA Airworthiness Review

Required prior to registration and must be performed meticulously to avoid any possible delay in registration, which can have in turn negative effect.

Heavy Maintenance on-site Representation

Representation during Heavy Maintenance is must in order to keep tight control over maintenance costs for material, labor hours. Swift decision making on-site will contribute to on-time completion of Heavy Maintenance and the aircraft return into service.


Team of SmileAir Technical experts is dedicated to develop, plan and execute set of specific TechAM processes to meet client’s timeframe at locations all over the world.

A vital part of our capabilities is to be commercially-minded and fully aware of what financial institutions, lessors, investors and owners look for when assessing the viability of an aircraft transaction.

We offer a complete solution that includes administration and invoicing, inspection, and claim handling.

to optimize asset yields. Reach out to our Asset Management Team

SmileAir offers Commercial Asset Management (CAM) services provided by reputable partner companies which possess detailed market knowledge and established industry presence.

Lease Management
SmileAir offers an exceptional lease management service designed to protect lessors’ interests and asset value in every way possible and relieve client of the administration burden that is required to effectively manage their aircraft investments. Our Lease Management partners comprehensive range of lease management and administrative services embraces full asset, contract and document management; maintenance reserve oversight, and status reporting.

Aircraft Re-marketing
Remarketing capabilities include re-leasing or sale of an aircraft at any point in their life-cycle enhanced by pro-active approach to expose availability of a single aircraft or whole fleet to prospective clients in all parts of the world, as well as proven track record to ensure reaching targeted return on client’s assets. we also assist negotiate and draft term sheets and work alongside the client’s legal counsel to make transactions happen in a timely manner.

Aircraft Acquisitions
SmileAir offer a comprehensive aircraft sourcing service for all types of commercial aircraft through global network of our partners. Proprietary data and close relations with owners and asset managers open numerous acquisitions opportunities of brand new, young, mid and end-of life aircrafts.

An accurate valuation of the assets is key to any successful investment. Understanding not only Book Value and Current Market Value, than also Future Market Value, Distress Value, Part-Out and Scrap Value are origin for any sensible business decision. Our partners are experts in appraising business and accredited by ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading).

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