ACMI/Wet Lease

ACMI/Wet Lease

In constantly changing environment of airline operations availability of instant and reliable solution to overcome any traffic disruption or market demand is of prime importance for airlines.

SmileAir provide highly effective solutions in the form of flexible ACMI / Wet lease on short or long term basis, as ad-hocs or scheduled months in advance.

For those less familiar with the term, a wet lease (ACMI) is a leasing arrangement whereby Operating Airline (Lessor) provides an aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance to another airline (Lessee) operating under Lessee’s callsign.

Our Wet Lease (ACMI) solutions will ensure maximum operational flexibility under circumstances when supplement or replacement capacity is required:

  • AOG
  • Seasonal demand
  • Network expansion
  • Capacity Increase on a route
  • Maintenance
  • Late delivery of aircraft
  • Crew shortage
  • Pre-acquisition test operations

Our team of seasoned professionals is available 24/7 for swift response always doing our best to depart in two hours after execution of Ad-hoc Wet Lease Agreement.

Only the best qualify to work in SmileAir team, those with extensive ACMI expertise and proven track record, from Flight Crew, Dispatch, Maintenance, Ground to Sales and Finance, all of them are crucial for superb performance.

Wet leased aircraft exterior and interior can be fully customized for long term operations, including onboard service, head rests, seat covers, flight attendant uniforms and many more details.

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Hybrid forms of ACMI

In order to meet market demand SmileAir provide two niche solutions:
CMI – Crew, Maintenance and Insurance - solution for airlines with aircraft capacity, but need to outsource operating segment of operation for whatever reason: lack of crew, lower cost of personnel, strike, etc. In CMI model, Client’s aircraft is leased to a Carrier which leases it back to the Client together with crew, maintenance and insurance, while the aircraft is operated under the Client’s callsign.

Damp Lease – Another hybrid form of ACMI lease developed to accommodate Lessee’s preference to have their own cabin crew providing Lessee’s specific service on board, while Lessor will provide flight crew, aircraft, maintenance and insurance for hourly flat fee.

Interested in other forms of Hybrid ACMI, our team is eager to accommodate your request