SmileAir is ACMI Wet Lease and Air Charter specialist providing flight services in area of Europe, Africa and Middle East, while worldwide operation is planned for early 2019. Our operations are safe, reliable, flexible and customizable.

ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) or wet lease operations are core of our business, quite common form of aircraft lease to airlines whenever additional capacity is required for various reasons - AOG, aircraft in maintenance, network expansion, traffic disruptions, insufficient crews, delayed delivery, etc. Applicable on Ad-hoc, Short-Term and Long-Term basis. For longer ACMI optional full customization including livery, cabin configuration, interior design, crew uniforms, superb cabin service and many more as per client’s preferences. All ACMI flights are operated under Client’s call sign.

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CMI – Crew, Maintenance and Insurance is solution for airlines that have surplus aircraft capacity, but lack of flight crew and/or maintenance personnel. In CMI model, Client’s aircraft is leased to a Carrier which leases it back to the Client together with crew, maintenance and insurance services. Applicable only on Long Term basis.

Damp Lease – Under certain circumstances, clients prefer to provide part of Cabin Crew who must be familiarized with the operating carrier procedures and the aircraft particulars. Applicable only on Long-Term basis.

All inclusive passenger Charter Service provided for travel organizations and various end users (sport organisations /corporations/governments), either directly or through a charter broker. Includes all flight related costs, aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance, fuel, handling & landing, ATC and catering. Flights are operated under the Carrier’s callsign, while a Client takes all commercial and financial responsibility for single or series of full charter flights.

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SmileAir is specialist in providing operating aircraft management (OperAM) turn-key solutions.

Since this is personalized service we find it highly confidential, thus contact us directly to present you our aircraft operating management turn-key solutions.

Whenever a Client has to place an aircraft in storage for whatever reason, it can turn out very costly – parking, registration, insurance, preservation, storage maintenance and especially re-entry into service.
Another scenario is situation when an Owner decides to burn aircraft green time prior to final part-out.

SmileAir developed balanced smile-smile solution: entrust us your asset(s) while we will take care of parking, registration and line maintenance costs and services to keep the aircraft airworthy all the time. SmileAir is entitled to commercialize and operate the aircraft(s)  On Ad-Hoc basis to recover plane related costs, while surplus funds are fairly split. The owner can continue marketing of the asset during the OperAM agreement term and withdraw it whenever appropriate. Also, as soon as the Carrier locates a mid-long term contract it has an option to upgrade to standard dry lease. SmileAir has strong in-house Sales & Marketing team capable to proactively promote capacity. Learn more about Operating Asset Management.

Additionally, SmileAir is capable to provide wide scope of technical and commercial customized services to provide full turn-key solutions:

  • Aircraft Return/Re-delivery/Delivery
  • Ferry flight management and operations
  • Registration (Export/Import) in EASA countries preferably Croatia or Austria
  • CAMO in EASA environment
  • Maintenance Program Customization
  • Maintenance Contract Negotiations
  • EASA Airworthiness Review
  • Heavy Maintenance on-site Representation
  • Pre-Acquisition Inspection
  • Trading / Re-Marketing / Acquisitions Services
  • Evaluations

Find more in details about our Technical and Commercial Asset Management Services.

SmileAir is specialist providing operating aircraft management (AOM) turn-key solutions for aircraft Investors.

Investment in an aircraft whether through lease or purchase is personalized service and we find it highly confidential. In case you prefer contact us directly to discuss attractive investment opportunities customizable to meet your preferences.

Numerous investors explore the opportunities to deploy their funds, especially those with attractive returns on invested capital and manageable risk. In recent years aviation became very popular among investors as stable and high return option deploying substantial funds in a small number of units.

SmileAir is proud to provide full turn-key solutions to Investors; from aircraft selection, via acquisition model consulting (lease vs purchase), product enhancement, to management of actual acquisition including pre-acquisition inspection, Lease Agreement negotiation, ferry flight arrangement and operations, registration in any EASA country, Airworthiness Review , Maintenance Program Customization, CAMO services and other.

As the paramount of our services for Investors, our Sales team will passionately promote the aircraft availability balancing aircraft utilization and return per flight hour to maximize commercial effects.

Our team developed profit sharing business model for Investors enabling the earliest possible return of invested capital and fair profit sharing afterwards making returns highly attractive.

During Lease term Smile Air will manage aircraft and records inspections, as well as providing Financial and Commercial Management of the Lease and Operations (Lease payment, Utilization and Sales Reporting, Funds distribution, etc.).

As the Lease-End approaches, our team will manage pre-Return Inspection and actual Return process.

Our team of investment specialists has an exclusive package created to get you max return. Learn today about the Double-Up program!