SmileAir is ACMI & charter airline platform for operating asset management serving airlines, aircraft owners, asset managers and investors, creating smile-smile solutions through flexible, innovative and ultimate services customized to particular client’s requirements.


SmileAir is an air carrier and operating aircraft manager that airlines love to charter, employees admire to work for, owners delight to entrust their assets and investors aspire to invest in.


SmileAir aims to be the preferred European ACMI airline and operating aircraft manager that makes - passengers, employees, clients, investors, suppliers, authorities and aircraft owners smile.

Established in Aug 2017, SmileAir is based in Zagreb, Croatia and is presently obtaining AOC. First commercial flight is planned in 2H18. The airline will initially operate in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Island, while worldwide operations are planned from 2019.

The following values incorporated into SmileAir’s company culture direct employees and leadership to new heights.

Positive Attitude

With positive attitude everything can be achieved


Permanent Quest for Excellence is key factor to long term prosperity


Unique value in the form of unlimited options to exceed client’s requirement


A safe and on-time service, always striving to retain the highest rating


Share fun and celebrate life - make positive impact on people


Working long hours under constant pressure and delivering ultimate service is only possible if you are passionate what you do


Everything that is worth doing, is worth doing right, no alternative


Taking responsibility for individual and team actions, decisions and results by establishing clear plans and goals


Commitment to sustainable viability for the benefit of employees, investors and owners