SmileAir plans to operate mid-life Airbus A320 family and E-Jet family of aircrafts. Option to add A330 capability is targeted for 2019/2020 depending on market conditions. We envision to operate fleet of minimum five airplanes in three years.

The A320 family is best-selling Airbus product, which continues to set industry standards for comfort and operational economy on short to medium-haul routes through advanced technology and lower maintenance costs.

The A321 is the largest single-aisle member of A320 Family. Passenger comfort, the capability of flying longer routes – even the transatlantic ones – as well as  the best seat-mile cost makes A321 one of the most attractive aircraft models.

E-Jet family is the most popular line of regional jets. E190 is especially attractive for its range, capacity, airport performance and CASM.

Embraer E190



Year of Manufacture: TBA

Capacity: 100 pax

Range: Max 2450 Nm

Max Speed: Mach .82

Max Altitude: 41,000 ft

MTOW: 50300 kg

Payload: 13,063 kg

Engines: GE CF34-10E

Fuel Capacity: 16150 lit

Length: 36,24 m

Wing span: 28,72 m

Height: 10,57 m


Airbus A321-231




Year of Manufacture: TBA

Capacity: 214 pax

Range: Max 2700 Nm

Max Speed: Mach .82

Max Altitude: 39,000 ft

MTOW: 89000 kg

Payload: 23,178 kg

Engines: V2533-A5

Fuel Capacity: 23700 lit

Length: 44,51 m

Wing span: 34,1 m

Height: 11,75 m